R.I.P. Rally

By Chillingo Ltd

Start your engines and destroy the undead in this mix of arena driving and zombie killing!

Game Features:

  • Steer and shoot to survive waves of zombies
  • Exploding zombies. Yeah that’s right. Zombies that explode
  • Take on objectives and complete missions to earn cash to spend on upgrades
  • Unlock better cars, bigger weapons, and awesome upgrades as you plough through wave after wave of zombies
  • Drive to survive and leave your mark on Facebook leaderboards
  • UNIVERSAL; looks great on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad


Use dual stick controls to plough through and mow down waves of the undead. Keep an eye on your ammo reserves, avoid taking too much damage and try to survive as many rounds in the arena as you can.


Get behind the wheel of five different vehicles including an all-American muscle car to a colossal tank. Customize your ride with shotguns, flamethrowers, spike plates, and more.


Run wild in three action packed arenas. Each one will challenge you in unique ways as you find the best routes, choke points and traps and score serious points.


While the graphics and sound effects are absolutely solid, the fun and addicting gameplay is really what makes this game great.


When it comes to the driving, you actually have quite a tight turning circle on your vehicle, and are able to swerve around without much difficulty.