Celebrity Bodyguard

By Bravo Games Studios

Bring the pain on the red carpet!


  • STAR-STUDDED CAST: Escort caricatured versions of celebrities down the red carpet (Including Lady Bla-Bla, Rustin Beaver and Rober Parkson!)
  • REHAB-WORTHY ENEMIES: Kill as many paparazzi, deranged hicks, and ninjas in a row to get a highest score
  • NEVER-ENDING RED CARPET: Unlockable achievements on Gamecenter will keep you strutting down the walk of fame
  • GAME CENTER WALK OF FAME: Game Center compatibility allows you to put your high score for the entire academy to see
  • BETTER THAN SUBTITLES: Game is playable in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish
  • I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU: Keep your VIP safe so they will love you enough to unleash Star Power for an all-out attack
  • WINNING: More updates and characters are on the way. Prepare for Charlie Spleen!


Celebrity Bodyguard Free is a side-scrolling action game with hilarious animations and wild action. The only thing more fun than being a celebrity is being the Celebrity Bodyguard! And It’s Free!


Guns, fists and a keen protective instinct are what you’ll need to make sure your celebrity stays trapped in their perfect red carpet world, totally ignorant of the dangers surrounding them! Use your vigilance to keep your star’s power up and the stress down and you might just be able to unleash their Superstar Power for a powerful kill.


Celebrity Bodyguard provides an entertaining parody of well known celebs and some fun side scrolling action too!


This game has changed my life. I think now I’m even a better person… And I go again often to the toilet!